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Restaurants & Hotels, Exhibitions

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  • LED illuminated menu holders
  • Reception display with signage and shelving
  • Suspended illuminated graphics divides up an area
  • Hotel lobby with digital signage
  • Poster displays brighten up bland areas.
  • AnoFrame, creates a flexible poster display
  • Exhibition stand with snap frames
  • Poster stands for Hard Rock Café
  • Custom frames projecting from the wall
  • Custom poster displays for KFC
  • Meeting room displays static & digital
  • Spa shelving display

Hotels & Restaurants

Specialists in hotel/restaurant displays to help you communicate your range of services across your premises.

A fresh and innovative approach to restaurant displays and signage.

The way in which you use displays within your hotel/restaurant can make a huge difference to boosting yours sales.

Creating an environment that works well with your brand is key and at Fairfield we can create bespoke signage, custom wallpaper, coordinated partitions combined with eye catching poster presentations to grad attention. Our design team will pull together ideas from a single sign to a total scheme.

We can help you with:

Reception Displays:

Conference, function room displays: Information panels static & digital

Restaurant Displays:


Exhibition Equipment that will transform the appearance of your exhibition stand.

There are many ways to create a powerful exhibition stand, every single aspect of the design needs to be considered so that your stand will stand out from the crowd and draw visitors to your exhibition stand.

At Fairfield you will find innovative inexpensive ideas that allows you to transform the appearance of a purpose built stand or a shell scheme. It is the simple things that can make all the difference. The exhibition equipment can be supplied with self-assembly instructions or can be installed by a team of experts the choice is yours.

Whatever type of service or product that you are promoting you will find a display that will suit you.